Democratic hopeful Pete Buttigieg makes campaign stop in Orlando

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The Plaza Live venue on Bumby Avenue in Orlando was bustling with activity on Wednesday afternoon as Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg met with supporters.  

Inside the venue, the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana was introduced by Orlando City Commissioner Patty Sheehan. Buttigieg wasted no time getting right down to serious subjects.

He addressed the Texas and the Ohio mass shootings saying white supremacists and other hate groups have to be stopped. Buttigieg also said more has to be done on gun control. 

"We don't have national security if we have such weak policies on gun safety that the second amendment is allowed to be a death sentence for thousands of Americans every year.", he said.

Buttigieg discussed a plan for healthcare that he says would not force Americans to drop their current healthcare, but would be a competitive alternative. The mayor says he believes that would give consumers the right to choose.