Deltona Girl Scouts make donation after kind gesture

A troop of Deltona Girl Scouts donated several boxes of cookies to a local children’s home thanks to a generous community member.

Troop leader Trina Grant said the girls were having a slow sales day Saturday, before Douglas Ford from Sanford came along with his dog, Jazz.

Ford bought $300 worth of girl scout cookies, but only kept one for himself. “He brought back 300 dollars, asked us to give him one box and donate the rest, and thought we would be the best to choose where to donate them,” said Grant.

The troops chose to pay the kindness forward by donating the cookies to the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home in Deltona. “It was great for my kids to see there was someone willing to do something so selfless, so I hope my kids can do something like that in their life,” Grant said.

Grant said the Deltona mayor passed by the Troop’s stand after the kind gesture, and invited them to sell cookies at Monday night’s meeting.