Deadly I-95 crash eerily similar to scene 10 years ago on I-75

Thick fog was difficult to distinguish from smoke from burning trucks, mangled after a 17-car pileup early Thursday morning.

Three people were killed.

The fog is being blamed for drivers having little to no visibility.

The site is eerily similar to another deadly pileup 10 years ago.

In 2012, 11 people were killed in crashes when thick fog combined with smoke from a nearby fire on I-75 near Gainesville.

"The most I can remember is just not being able to really see much and not being able to navigate where you’re going and just kind of being around all this danger and all the stuff going on and not really seeing it but hearing it," said Steven Camps.

Camps says he was lucky to only have minor injuries a decade ago.

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Several lawsuits were filed after those crashes.

Georgia attorney Drew Ashby represented one of the victims and sued the state for not keeping the highway closed.

"If there’s fog and smoke and smoke nearby and the weather conditions, this is all predictable, you just shut the road down," Ashby said. "It must be terrible, it must be time-consuming to shut down a highway, but it’s a whole lot better than death."

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