DC mother says 6-year-old daughter suffered concussion after substitute teacher dragged her on floor

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A substitute teacher at a D.C. public charter school is out of a job after a parent claims that the teacher assaulted and dragged her 6-year old daughter on the floor.

Paulette Liverpool said she received a call from her husband saying their daughter Kayla had a bulge the size of a tennis ball on her forehead.

The girl’s mother said it happened when the kindergartener was pushed to the ground by the angry substitute teacher at Achievement Prep in Southeast D.C. after Kayla threw Play-Doh and a pencil on the ground.

“She told me to get out of my seat, but I didn't want to and then she grabbed me out of my seat,” Kayla said. “But she pushed me to the table and then she dragged me all the way to the door. She was dragging my arm and then she threw me out the door and I hit my head.”

Liverpool immediately took Kayla to the hospital where she said doctors told her that her daughter suffered a concussion.

The substitute teacher was contracted worker with EnrichEd and after she gave her version of events to police, Achievement Prep said she was immediately removed from the school.

“This teacher should be dealt with to the fullest,” said Liverpool. “It's not even about being fired. She literally assaulted a child for no reason at all.”

FOX 5 reached out to EnrichEd, but has yet to hear back from them as of Wednesday night.

Shantelle Wright, the founder and CEO of Achievement Prep PCS said in a statement:

D.C. police said they are investigating the incident, but it is unknown if any criminal charges will be filed against the teacher.