Daytona Beach Shores Residents happy with progress of Treasure Island Demo

The Champaign was flowing back on March 28th when the City of Daytona Beach Shores announced the long awaited demolition of the former Treasure Island Resort. 

People living on Park Avenue in the buildings shadow have been watching the demolition closely ever since.

"We are looking out what remains of Treasure Island or too much of it that’s remaining," said Ann Ruby. "It’s kind of like a giant pimple on the landscape of life here on the beach."

The former resort’s glory days and treasures have long washed away. That pimple made up of crumbling concreate and twisted metal has been vacant since 2004. Residents believe the demolition will bring new life to the area. 

"The plans that they showed us, the conceptual drawings were beautiful so it be great to see something come back up," said Ruby. 

Demolition has been slower than some would like. Property owner ACRES Capital has hired Pece of Mind Environmental to do the demolition. They are using a giant claw to tear the building down piece by piece but Daytona Beach Shores City Council say the machine broke down for a week and a half. 

"It’s actually fun to watch because it looks like a big Tyrannosaurus rex head just chomping away at it," said Sandy Murphy. 

The claw is back up again and the City Council is optimistic that the two month demolition is still on schedule. For those who have to look at the crumbling building every day, they are just happy to see steady progress.

"All the neighbors are excited by it," said Murphy. "From the drawings we’ve seen of this it could be a lovely place and back to something like the original Treasure Island that people remember very fondly remember."

The City Council says that workers have until June 2 to tear it down completely.