Customer buying Mentos is confronted by off-duty cop

An off-duty police officer at a service station in Buena Park drew a gun on a man whom he mistakenly suspected of stealing Mentos worth $1.19, video footage shows.

Jose Arreola of Bell Flower and his wife believe they were racially profiled and they are now fighting back.

The couple went to a Chevron Station in Buena Park on March 16 to withdraw cash from an ATM and to buy some mints.

After withdrawing cash, Arreola bought a back of Mentos with a $20 bill. While waiting for the clerk to give change, Arreola pocketed the mints, the video footage shows.

A man, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and shorts and standing behind Arreola immediately draws a gun, says he is a police officer and tells Arreola to put the candy back on the counter.

Arreola is shown putting his hands up and saying that he did pay for the mints. The officer can be heard telling him to take his cash and leave before asking the cashier if Arreola paid for the mints.

The cashier says yes and the officer then apologizes as Arreola leaves the store.

Now, Arreola and his wife want justice and say they were affected negatively by the ordeal.

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