Cruise ship that crashed into dock to set sail once again

The Norwegian Epic is returning to sea on Monday after crashing into a dock in Puerto Rico, causing damage to the cruise ship.

The gash on the side of the Norwegian Epic can still be seen, but passengers will soon set sail on the ship. Unfortunately, their cruise has been cut short to five days.

Last week, a series of mechanical failures during Epic's last voyage forced the ship to divert to Puerto Rico. That is where it crashed into two mooring points, causing the gashes on its side.

Norwegian says that the mechanical issues did not cause the crash and there is only superficial damage, which does not affect the safe operation of the ship.

One passenger on the cruise says that despite everything, the cruise line was accomodating. She said that "we didn't go where we wanted to go, but they actually treated us very well and we got updates pretty continuously. We really don't have any complaints."

Norwegian is offering compensation to passengers leaving today, including partial and full refunds on the cruise.

The Epic will depart later on Monday.