'Crazy crane' attacks reflection in glass door of Florida home

As one Florida woman was preparing for a Super Bowl party, she heard several knocks on a door, but it wasn't any guest she invited.

Cassy Rivers was preparing for a game day party when she heard some commotion behind her Windermere home. She went to investigate and found a crane seemingly attacking its own reflection in a glass door. Rivers quickly grabbed her cell phone and began recording the wild encounter.

"What are you doing? Uh, hello? Hello." she is heard asking, but the crane continued to ignore her, flapping its wings and pecking at its reflection.

"Do you see a picture of yourself in there?" Rivers jokingly inquired. "Is that what's going on, buddy?"

The cranes are not an unusual sight around the area. Eventually, one of her twin pups chased away the cranes. 

"Crazy birds. Oh my goodness," she is heard saying in the video. "They're just crazy!"