COVID-19 vaccines going unused as demand dwindles

High supply, low demand: Local pharmacists say they're wasting coronavirus vaccines.

Across the state, the Florida Department of Health says 90,000 doses were expired or spoiled as of June 11 because they were removed from cold storage.

Johnson & Johnson vaccines at the Greenwood Pharmacy in Lake Mary were set to expire next week, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention extended the vaccine's shelf-life until August.

The owner of Greenwood Pharmacy Andy Kimmel said he doesn't expect he'll administer all of his by then.

"The way it's going right now, a lot of vaccine will be wasted," he said.

The Florida Department of Health says nearly six million vaccines in the state have been sent back to the federal government.

Local counties have been working on giving back their unused vaccines, as demand is low and vaccination sites close.

Seminole County's site at the Oviedo Mall is set to close on Saturday.

County officials say the county will save some vaccines for events and give some to local pharmacies, family practitioners and community health partners.

"It's just not enough to keep a 10,000-foot store open. Once we close, there will still be plenty of opportunities to get vaccines," Seminole County Emergency Manager Alan Harris said.

Osceola County officials say they don't have a big vaccine surplus because they've been getting less doses.

Meanwhile, Orange County officials say they work will work with the county health department to make sure any unused vaccines are given to other partners or events.