Cousin of deadly hit-and-run suspect speaks out

A Central Florida man is charged with the death of his wife, following a crash in Osceola County.

The Florida Highway Patrol said the couple was traveling in a car driven by Kabir Ramnarine, 26, when the car left the road,  and crashed into a sign and a tree. FHP said Kabir took off on foot, leaving his wife, Ashley Ramnarine, 26, behind.

“No one deserves to be left like that, like she was nothing, like a dog on the side of the road, she’s a human being,” said Ariel Sookhoo, the suspect’s cousin.

Sookhoo, 22, who lives with the couple wants to know why her cousin left the scene.

“I feel kind of angry, angry because I didn’t know fully what happened, and I didn’t want to blame him or her,” said Sookhoo.

Sookhoo said she was close to the victim.

“That was my best friend.  She took me in when I had no one, like nowhere to go.  She would always make sure I was okay,” said Sookhoo.

Sookhoo said the couple had been married for four years and appeared generally happy.

“They like instantly fell for each other.  She seen something in him that seen in him,” said Sookhoo.

She can't believe Ashley is gone.

“We ate breakfast everyday together, in the morning, she would make me food and I don’t know, I just can’t see myself without that not happening anymore,” said Sookhoo.

A sister-figure taken so fast and a void left in Sookhoo’s heart.

“Her always telling me she loved me, because she’d always remind me, no matter what, because it’s important and not everyone tells you that every day,” said Sookhoo.

Ramnarine is charged with vehicular homicide, fleeing the scene of a fatal crash and driving with a revoked license.

During his first appearance Monday, Ramnarine’s bond was set at $12,000; however, Border Patrol has requested he be held, if he does post bond. The next court date has not been set.