Confusing detour for I-4 ramp near Universal

The ramp to eastbound lanes of Interstate 4 from Universal Blvd. is closed for the next five months. While there are several detours, we discovered one of them was chaotic, putting us 20 minutes out of our way.

Along Universal Blvd., there are detours  everywhere. That's because  the Florida Department of Transportation has closed the ramp to eastbound I-4 last week, as it builds a new one. 

"It's driving me crazy," said driver Danielle Natoli.

"We're detouring that traffic from the eastbound on ramp from Kirkman road," said  I-4 Ultimate spokesman David Parks.

But following those detour signs from Universal Blvd north of I-4 is confusing.

"I think they could use more signs. Always have more," said driver Driver Alexia Orihuela-Gomez.

Driver Ashley Hawk hasn't tried the detour.

"I didn't even want to attempt that," she said.

We figured out why. We discovered there's a detour sign on Major Blvd. directing drivers to go east. But another sign in close proximity directs drivers to go right on Kirkman Rd.  In reality, drivers should be making a right on Caravan Court all the way to Grand National Drive. Then make a right on International Drive and a right on Kirkman, which will lead you to the eastbound ramp to I-4.

We brought our concern about the detour to FDOT and suggested placing a big flashing signs saying go pass Kirkman, keep going on Major and have another one saying head that way.

Parks said, "It's an opportunity for us to take a look at the signage out there and perhaps do some improvements as well."

He said the confusing sign telling drivers to make a right on Kirkman belongs to Universal. They plan to see what they can do, to fix it.