Concerns over stagnant pond in Apopka

A neighborhood in Orange County is concerned about a scummy pond, and some are wondering if it’s a health hazard.

Sitting directly in front of the Highland Manor in Apopka is Martin’s Pond looking more green these days than blue, and it’s not easy being green.

“It’s not picturesque, that's for sure,” said Apopka Mayor Bryan Nelson.

It’s been like this for months. The mayor says it started as a hydrilla issue. The city sprayed the pond to get rid of the grass but that led to a whole other problem.

“When the hydrilla dies, it sinks to the bottom and then it releases more nitrogen phosphorus which then creates an algal growth,” said Mayor Nelson.

The Highland Manor is a wedding venue right next to the pond. The owner calls the pond an eyesore. He says their wedding photographers have learned to shoot around it.Now the city is planning to release carp into the pond to get rid of the algae.

“Basically they'll come in and they'll eat the hydrilla and absorb the nitrogen phosphorus so it doesn't get released to the pond.”

One of the big reasons the city wants to clean up this pond is because of all the development they're planning to do in this area.

“We've got the hotel. We've got some restaurants coming. We need the pond. We need it pristine. We want to make sure it's something that people would want to come for a wedding,” said Mayor Nelson.

It’ll take a couple months to clear, and it’ll cost the city $50,000 to $60,000 for the carp and a grate to cover the drainage well, but the mayor says it’s worth it to make this green pond blue once again.