Committee votes to hold off on I-Drive Vision Plan vote

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Developers are hoping to give International Drive a big facelift, but county commissioners voted Thursday to hold off on recommending the plan in order to give the community more time to give input.

The plan, known as "I-Drive 2040," is an overall vision for I-Drive; documents show sleek buildings which are several stories tall, and much closer to the streets than the current structures. Developers say the goal is to give International Drive a more urban feel. A big part of that is adding pedestrian bridges and bicycle lanes to the busy roads, making it safer for guests who choose not to drive; plans also show new landscaping and shaded walkways along roads.

The Orange County Planning & Zoning Committee was set to vote on whether to recommend the plan last night. Chuck Widal of Unicorp National Developments told the committee, "this whole process is to make it a better guest experience."

Many business owners are on board, but others have expressed concern that too much growth could backfire. Some issues brought up include increased alcohol sales, and the towering new buildings.

The committee unanimously voted to hold off on a decision so that more people can join the conversation. They will meet again on August 18th to vote on whether or not they will recommend the ordinance to the entire board of commissioners.