Clarice the tiny antelope born at Brevard Zoo

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An adorable antelope was born at the Brevard Zoo in April.

The Brevard Zoo announced on Wednesday that three-year-old klipspringer Deborah gave birth to a calf on April 15th. The female calf, now named Clarice, weighed less than two pounds at birth and is properly nursing. 

“This adorable little girl is doing wonderfully,” said Michelle Smurl, the Zoo’s director of animal programs, “Deborah is taking great care of her, grooming her often.”

The newborn, who the zoo said was sired by four-year-old Ajabu, is still behind the scenes with her mother and will be introduced to Ajabu before going into the public-facing habitat in Expedition Africa.

Klipspringers are small antelopes typically found around mountains, hills, and rocky outcrops in native Africa. They are skilled climbers bcause of their specialized hooves that are about the diameter of a dime as an adult. They are sexually mature at one year and can live up 18 years in human care. Their gestation period is typically between six to seven months.The klipspringer does not face any major threats, but they are sometimes hunted for use as meat or leather. 

This story was written in Orlando, Florida.