'Please don’t mess with our children': Christian conservatives protest outside Disney World

Around 200 to 300 Christian conservatives marched along Apopka-Vineland Road on Monday in protest of Disney. After that, they participated in a concert in a parking lot, with Christian music.

The gathering was organized by TP USA Faith, Mom's for America, and a group called Hold the Line. They said Disney crossed the line by taking a stance in politics, so they too are holding their line. The group supports the Parental Rights in Education law, also known as the "Don’t Say Gay" legislation. They believe Disney needs to focus on entertainment, rather than politics. 

"We love the fun of Disney, but we don’t love this new agenda. Please don’t mess with our children. What happens in the bedroom for adults is for adults," said Jay Koopman of Hold the Line. Rebekah Ricks from Florida Mom’s for America added that Disney should, "stay in their lane and stay in entertainment. I don’t agree with them trying to be political."

Last month, we talked to Brandon Wolf of Equality Florida. He said, "It’s our belief that it’s always age-appropriate to affirm that LGBTQ people exist and that we deserve the same respect and dignity as everybody else and that’s why we're challenging this law." Wolf said he is supporting Disney and LGBTQ rights. 

We reached out to Disney for a comment, but haven’t heard back.