Chiropractors specializing in gaming injuries

Dr. Yaser Murshed has a secret. Well, it’s not really that much of a secret. In addition to manipulating backs and bones in ways that make them feel better, he also loves video gaming.

He’s been a player since he was a child and gaming is a common bond with his wife. Because it plays such a large role in his life, he knows gamers and the professionals who create the games, are often stricken with directly related problems. Things like "gamer’s thumb" and even "tennis elbow" are common in that world.

Dr. Murshed says, "This is why I even went to school. This is what I wanted to treat, specifically, this population of people."

And now he does with his newly opened practice called Game On Chiropractic. While there are other chiropractors who may have a similar focus, Dr. Murshed says his location is what allows him to level up.The News Station’s Tom Johnson shows you.


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