Central Floridians happy to have participated in Pfizer vaccine trial

As Americans wait for a COVID-19 vaccine to be approved by the FDA, some Central Floridians may have already gotten it. 

“I was comfortable with it. The research told us it was a good vaccine to go with,” said Anjli Cummings. She and her husband, Declan, signed up for the Pfizer vaccine trial taking place in Orlando a couple months ago.

The Osceola County couple says they received the two shots with mild side effects. Cummings explained that it was "exhaustion and we got chills as well – feeling a bit cold but mainly exhaustion, but it only lasted 24 hours and then it was gone."

Word spread in their neighborhood and friend Larry Chertok jumped into the trial as well.

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“We do the polio vaccine, measles, mumps, all the other vaccines and we trust scientists that know a lot more than we do as the average Joe,” Chertok said.

Pfizer has since announced that data shows the vaccine is 95 percent effective.

Cummings, who’s originally from the United Kingdom, was able to watch as people there got the approved Pfizer vaccine for the first time on Tuesday. She told FOX 35 that "I’m really happy they’re all going to get it, especially my mother because she’s 80 years old. I’m really happy she’s going to be protected from that and she can start living a bit again."

Cummings added her mother should be getting the vaccine within a month.

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All three of these trial participants urge people to jump in line once it’s widely available in the U.S. Cummings explained that "the science supports getting this so I did. No ill effects. I’m pleased to have it."

Chertok added that "everybody should get the vaccine, period. Otherwise, you’re going to be passing it around more and more."

All three believe they did get the actual vaccine – not the placebo – because they had some side effects.  They said Pfizer is supposed to let them know once the vaccine is approved.


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