Central Florida sheriffs join Grady Judd in vaccine message

Following a passionate plea on vaccines from Polk County Sheriff Grady, two Central Florida sheriffs are sending the same message. 

"Listen to the doctors. Don’t listen to the politicians. Get your vaccine," said Sheriff Judd during an interview with FOX13. 

Sheriff Mike Chitwood said it’s heartbreaking to see the deadly virus take down law enforcement, and he hopes his employees get vaccinated. 

"I want to see them get vaccinated. Their health means a lot to us, and they’re out there dealing with the public. They’re making arrests, and they need to be safe themselves so they can do their job, and they can be safe for their families," he said. 

Orange County Sheriff John Mina took to social media Wednesday to also encourage vaccination. 

"Do it for yourself. Do it for your community," he said.

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Citing the Officer Down Memorial Page, he said COVID-19 killed 240 law enforcement officers in 2020. 

"That’s more than all other line-of-duty deaths combined," he said. 

Though both strongly suggested vaccination, Sheriff Judd and Sheriff Chitwood said they would not mandate it within their departments. 

However, Sheriff Chitwood said his department is working on an incentive for those who do get it. 

"You have a religious reason. Or you have a reason that you think is good and you’re not gonna go down that road. I'm not gonna mandate it but I can reward good behavior," he said. 

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