Central Florida school districts schedule graduation ceremonies

So many high school seniors don’t know if they will get to experience graduation. Several school districts though, are committing to ceremonies, even setting dates.

“You’ve worked twelve years and then to have it cancelled, sucks,” said Victoria Hardin, Class of 2020.

Victoria Hardin brought to tears, after her lacrosse senior night was cancelled because of COVID-19. The last game of the year, where she would have been honored. The Seminole Senior, left to wonder, what about graduation?

“Right now, we’re just focused on keeping graduation,” said Hardin.

Some Central Florida seniors getting some hope. Seminole and Osceola County Public Schools releasing their graduation plan.

“The seniors are going to graduate on their high school football fields, at 8:20 in the evening, 8:20 is military time for 2020,” said Walt Griffin, Superintendent, Seminole County Public School.

Seminole Seniors will also get a re-imagined prom.

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“The evening of June 11, we’re having an alternate prom at every school,” said Griffin, “it will most likely be held in the school’s gym, it will be decorated beautiful and the high school principals want to do that free of charge to our seniors.”

Prom likely won’t be rescheduled for Osceola Seniors but graduation is also on, scheduled for the last weekend in May at Heritage Park.

“It’s just that milestone that we use to celebrate thirteen years of hard work, great friendships, wonderful memories and it means so much to our students and to the families,” said Debra Pace, Superintendent, Osceola County Public Schools.

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Both superintendents hope setting dates will give students some light in this dark time.

“This gives them hope and that’s what they wanted, something to look forward to,” said Griffin.

Both districts have a Plan B, which would be graduation ceremonies in July. They will be waiting on recommendations from the State of Florida and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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