Central Florida resort offers work-from-hotel option for remote workers

Most people have been working remotely since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, but if you’re getting tired of working out of your home office or at the dining room table, one Orlando resort is offering a unique way to switch up your routine.

The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes is offering a work-from-hotel package.

“Why not come here and get out of the same setting you’ve had for a couple of months and try something different?” asked Jon McGavin, area general manager at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando.

Your guest room is just one option for your temporary office. If you don’t want to work where you sleep, try a private meeting room, lounges, the lobby - nearly everywhere on the resort is open for you to work.

Another option is doing the work poolside.

Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes and J.W. Marriott Orlando, Grande Lakes

“Since I’m able to work remotely right now, why not do it poolside,” said Chanel Mosely, an attorney working from the hotel.

Mosley traded in her home office for a cabana.

“It’s been really convenient. It allows me to be productive. They have all the amenities and everything that I need to work here,” Mosley said.

One of the amenities is a personal business butler.

“Whether we can assist with scanning, printing, faxing, or just setting up copies, really setting them up for success while they are working remotely on property,” said Trey Morningstar, business butler at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando.

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While Mom and/or Dad are working, plenty of activities are offered to entertain the kids. From games to live animals and bike riding and kayaking.

Or if the kids have school work to do, they can also do their schoolwork from the hotel.

“With kids that are doing the LaunchED, right now, the kids can come in. Mom-dad can work, the kids can do their LaunchED, whether it’s for three, four, five hours, and then they can go off to the pool in the afternoons,” McGavin said.

“We can go for a swim; we can have some family time; we can have dinner at one of the restaurants on property and really just enjoy ourselves,” Mosley said.

The resort says it is following CDC guidelines.

The work-from-hotel page is available now.