Central Florida on high alert after first case of coronavirus confirmed in Volusia County

Central Florida is now on high alert after the first case of coronavirus is confirmed in Volusia County. 

A 66-year-old woman who recently traveled outside the U.S. is in isolation.

The Volusia County Health Department says it’s ready to isolate anyone who tests positive and trace their recent contacts to figure out how they got it.

The county says people who may have been exposed to the virus would be notified and may be quarantined and observed for symptoms.

At the Indie Market in DeLand, the virus was on many people’s minds, but they said they didn't want it to stop their routines.  

“I'd say carry your hand sanitizer with you. That's what we do when we go places. Limit your hugs and kisses, just contact, you know?” said Courtney Hamil, who organized the market.

Vendors said the crowd size was similar to previous events and said they were taking common-sense approaches to keep themselves and their customers safe.

“I have hand sanitizer back here just in case. [I] make sure to wash my hands frequently, especially as I'm dealing with the public and money and all of that,” said Ashley Potter, who was selling leather goods from her stall.