CDC warns against Thanksgiving travel as COVID-19 cases spike

Thanksgiving is less than a week away, and there's been a lot of talk about what you should and shouldn't do as it relates to keeping yourself and loved ones safe during the pandemic.

But are people really listening?

While some are keeping their plans as they always have, many we spoke to said they are changing a lot of things about Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Health experts have a lot to say about Thanksgiving this year. Don't travel. Don't get together with people outside your household.

"The whole entire family generally gets it unless you can do the good quarantine and isolation as is recommended," said Health Department Epidemiology Program Manager for Orange County Alvina Chu.

So, are people really taking pandemic precautions this Thanksgiving? It turns out, some are.

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"I’m not seeing my grown daughters who live in Boston and Boulder and that’s the hardest thing this year," said K.C. Cali, who lives in Orlando.

When asked if he would be wearing a mask, Sai Kakumanu, who lives in Orlando, replied, "Oh yeah, definitely yeah."

But that's easier said than done.  Yolanda Ikner said there will be about ten people at her Thanksgiving and they probably won't wear masks.

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"They probably won’t wear it the whole time. Kind of like when you go to the restaurant, you wear it to get to the door, but then once you’re in there, you’re eating, you’re having a good time, you’re not thinking about that mask," said Ikner.

Even health officials know not everyone will follow guidelines.

Alvina Chu explained at Thursday's Orange County coronavirus briefing that she had asked some employees at Publix recently if they'll wear masks over Thanksgiving.

"The one guy was like 'Absolutely not! It’s my family. Why would I even consider doing that?' And then the other guy was like 'Absolutely! I will because I don’t want to kill my grandma!'" If you are going to get together with people outside your immediate household for Thanksgiving, epidemiologists recommend that you stay outside as much as you can, wear your mask when you’re not eating, keep your social distance and sanitize everything as much as possible.