Caught on Camera: car drives down light rail tracks

A Valley man driving on Washington Street captured something bizarre on his new $79 dash camera.

It was Monday, November 9 when he saw a car driving down the light rail tracks.

Angelo Fiore believes the driver didn't end up there on purpose.

"He jumped the curb and started racing, I have to assume he started racing because he saw the light rail coming up behind him," said Angelo Fiore.

Once on the tracks in a car, you're kind of hemmed in by high curbs.

At one point in the video, the car veers off and is trying to get out of the way, but the curb is so big he couldn't get out of the way. The car did make it to the next light and was able to get off the tracks safely.

If not for Fiore and his dashcam, we might not have known about this mishap which only lasted 40 seconds.

"I happened to catch it and thought wow this is incredible," said Fiore.

Valley Metro likes to remind drivers to be extra alert near the light rail tracks.