Casselberry Police Headquarters needs repairing

The Casselberry Police Headquarters was built in the mid-90's. The city says it needs to be brought up-to-date for the 21st Century.

Casselberry City Manager Randy Newlon took us into a meeting room in the police HQ that doubles as their emergency ops center.

“Most folks who can, have a dedicated emergency operations center they can adapt to be something else, instead of the reverse,” Newlon explained, “this is a 'something else' we adapt to be an emergency operations center.”

He pointed out the water damage from one of the many spots where the roof leaks. “The building hasn't held water since it was built in 1995,” he said, “the roof has been persistently leaking and we've been really struggling to find a solution and we haven't.”

He took us around back, pointing out the only way between the building's two floors if the power goes out. “These are the only stairs to the second floor of the building,” he said, “they all extend to the outside, the rear of the building. So there's one here and one on the other side.”

They say the building also needs more security cameras, bulletproof walls and glass, a better ventilation system, and more.

“We don't have enough storage for evidence, we don't have enough room for physical training... or training, in general!” Newlon said.

At Monday’s city meeting, Newlon is asking commissioners to decide whether to update the existing building, or vote to build a new one on Semoran boulevard, in a more central location, without having to raise taxes.

“We see the opportunity for savings from other means coming open that we might be able to redirect that savings to finance the construction of a new police station,” Newlon said.

The plan to build a new police headquarters would cost about $7 million and take about two-and-a-half years to finish.