Casselberry places six-month ban 'Charlotte's Web' dispensaries

The City of Casselberry on Monday moved to limit medical marijuana purchases within city limits.

City commissioners voted to place a six-month ban on issuing permits for Charlotte's Web dispensaries. Charlotte's Web is a legal, low THC oil form of marijuana which offers relief to children who suffer from seizures.

Theresa Merriam and her 8-year-old daughter, Taylor, were at the meeting.  Taylor suffers from seizures almost every night and mom says Charlotte's Web is her best chance for pain relief. 

"We have tried every pharmaceutical, and that has not helped," said Merriam.  "Once you have tried so many, the chances of any other working are less than five percent, whereas Charlotte's Web yields 75 percent."

"We want to make sure these dispensaries are in the most appropriate place for our city, and not just drop in at any store front, because we didn't think this through,"  explained City Manager Randy Newlin.

The State of Florida is setting up rules for dispensaries where people with a doctor's permission will buy Charlotte's Web for seizure relief.