California Gov. Gavin Newsom OKs bill for restaurant patrons to bring reusable containers, cups

In a bid to better reduce single-use packaging and plastics, California Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed a bill giving the green light for restaurant patrons in the Golden State to use their own reusable containers and cups.

Last week, the governor signed the environmentally friendly Assembly Bill 619, which allows restaurants to fill customers' containers "as long as they are either isolated from the serving surface or the surface is sanitized after each fill," Food & Wine reports.


In addition, eateries must have a written policy regarding cross-contamination practices regarding the reusable containers and cups available for food inspectors to review, according to Nation's Restaurant News.

Beyond addressing traditional restaurant settings, the bill also approved permissions for multi-use dishes and cutlery for customers at ever-popular "temporary food facilities" like festivals and market events. The bill stipulates that the multi-use products must be properly cleaned and sanitized for repeated customer use, Nation's Restaurant News reports.

"Having fun at a concert or festival does not have to result in a sea of trash," Calif. Assemblyman David Chiu, who introduced the legislation, told SF Weekly of the news. "I am grateful Governor Newsom saw the need for this new law that will give event organizers the ability to make greener choices and reduce landfill waste."

In similar headlines, on the other side of the aisle, President Trump questioned efforts in communities across the country to ban plastic straws while plates and wrappers get a pass.

"I do think we have bigger problems than plastic staws," Trump told reporters on Friday. "What about the plates, the wrappers and everything else that are much bigger and they're made of the same material?"

Trump's 2020 campaign is taking his statements a step further, selling its own plastic straws to replace "liberal paper straws."

A pack of 10 BPA-free straws sells for $15; the straws themselves are "laser engraved" with Trump's name.

As of yesterday, they had sold out online.