Cadaver dogs may have found 'something' on property missing Marion County woman was last seen

Sara Ebersole has been missing since March 3. Her sister, Michelle Tullis has been desperate to find her.

On Wednesday, Marion County Search and Rescue and their cadaver dogs searched the property where Ebersole was last seen alive.

After hours of searching, those dogs may have found "something" search as rescue says.

The volunteer organization did not specify what the dogs found, and if it has anything to do with Ebersole.

For her sister, Michelle Tullis, the mere search itself was a long time coming.

"I don’t really know what to think because we don’t even know what they detected, we just know there’s been a detection of some kind," Tullis said.

She spent hours on the property Wednesday since the crew began searching at 10 o’clock.

Tullis said she feels numb to what she witnessed take place on the property.

"There wasn’t even really emotion and I know that sounds sad," she said.

She demanded Marion County Sheriff’s Deputies to investigate the property for months; she even started a petition online. (Link) After months of combing through Ebersole’s social accounts and iCloud accounts, she still couldn’t track her sister down.

Frank Marino, Director of Marion County Search and Rescue led his team of volunteers who were seen searching the property.

Because those dogs caught a trace of something, the location has since been turned over to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office for investigation.

After seeing deputies roll out the crime scene tape, Tullis said, "I just hope that we have an update maybe tomorrow if they bring out forensics, because forensics hasn’t been out as of yet."

Deputies will be returning to the property to continue their investigation on Thursday.

Ebersole is still classified as a missing person, and there have been no arrests related to her case.
Anyone with information should contact the sheriff’s office.