Brevard Public Schools ask parents to prepare for difficult morning commute on Artemis launch day

 The clock is counting down to liftoff. NASA’s Artemis I on Monday, August 29, will be the first of a series of launches to explore the moon and Mars. However, the launch window falls right in the heart of the morning commute. 

"It’s going to be a madhouse out here," said Ron Crossing. "Everybody just needs to keep calm. Be patient."

Patience has been the key word mentioned by Titusville residents and officials as launch day nears. 

"I think traffics going to be crazy," said Courtney Winters. "Make sure you’re where you need to be way ahead of time."

That is also the advice Brevard County Schools are sending out to parents now. The Artemis I two-hour launch window opens at 8:33 in the morning right as busses will be picking up students. 

"Most of the time there is a lot of people at school, but there are going to be some people taking it off," said Madison Middle School student Lacy Robinson. 

Brevard Public Schools will be teaming up with the Emergency Operations Center and local law enforcement to keep an eye on traffic. They believe morning traffic in the northern part of the county will be heavy but manageable. 

"The bus stops will remain the same. Where your child is picked up and dropped off will not change," said Russell Bruhn of Brevard County Schools. "Some of our bus routes may be slightly altered to avoid some high traffic areas. Mostly the 528."

Bruhn said parents will be receiving updates through the county's bus bulletin if there are any changes to their child’s route, or if it is running late.

"Patience and planning are going to be kind of what is needed on that day. Not only for the school district but for anybody trying to get to work or get around," said Bruhn. 

Bruhn said schools are aware some students may be arriving late due to the increased traffic. They do ask if you are planning to excuse your child from school tell the school administration as soon as you can.

City officials are urging people to get errands done over the weekend to avoid Monday morning delays. They are expecting traffic to be at its worst after the launch window closes.