Brevard school officials vote to keep text books

The Brevard County School Board on Tuesday voted to keep using the Pearson World History textbook, despite some concerns.  The majority of speakers spoke in favor of the book at the board's meeting, but some did not.

Resident Doug Murphy supports a petition against the book, saying important information is being left out about Islam. 

"Women and men not having equal rights, wives that are actually allowed to be beaten, punishment for theft is amputation. I mean, it is what it is, but it's not Jewish law. T he point is, we're trying to get the book to reflect the truth."

But some disagree.

"The religion of Islam is the religion of peace. We believe in all the prophets, Moses, Jesus, Abraham, Issac," said parent Raed Al-Shaibi.  "It's one tree with three branches, but people want to pick on the atrocities."

The school board voted to keep using the book, with slight changes.  

Brevard Assistant Superintendent for Community and Government Relations Matt Reed said. "It's a new edition of a textbook that we have been using in the past."

However, there will be a supplement teachers can use.

"There's been some language that were tinkered here and there to take down some of the tone that might have been seen as praising Islam," Reed added.  "Now, it's a bit more straight forward and clinical."

"The vote is practical I think if we're going to differ on these small things we will never reach an agreement. These differences are long ago problems," Al-Shaibi said.

Murphy said he's disappointed with the decision, but hopes to get input on the supplement.