Brazilian company Invel brings 'healing clothes' to Lake Nona

Let's say you are worn out from a tough workout or maybe on the mend after surgery. Invel is the newest company calling calling Lake Nona's Medical City home.

The med-tech company says it can help you. And all you have to do is wear their clothes. The fabric is embedded with a patented mineral formulation which promotes better blood flow.

Invel's Moses Virella says, “The minute I contact it with my skin it begins to increase circulation."

Invel makes everything from compression shirts to gloves and gowns with its material. The company says it can help everyone from high level athletes with recovery to someone coming home after surgery.

"You can recover better and also you can perform better," says Invel's Dr. Turibio Barros.

Invel is introducing its healing clothes to North America. As part of that move the company recently opened an office/showroom in Lake Nona's Guidewell Innovation Center.