Better Business Bureau warns against posting senior photos to social media

Think twice before sharing your senior picture on Facebook supporting 2020 graduates. You could be leaving yourself vulnerable to hackers.

Kevin, Class of 2014. Bonnie, Class of 1980. These are the photos that have popped up all over social media, standing in solidarity with the students who won’t be able to cross the stage at a graduation ceremony this year.

Debbie Dryden was planning to look for her yearbook photo to join in on the challenge “just to make them feel like we feel for them,” said Dryden.

But the Better Business Bureau says stop posting these photos.

“Anytime you go online and you share really private information, you could be putting yourself at risk,” said Holly Salmons, who works for the Better Business Bureau.

The BBB says hackers constantly mine the internet for any personal information they can find, including where someone graduate and what year.

“Be careful to not too freely share very personal information. How often have you been asked in security protocol questions who was your HS mascot, things like that?” said Salmons.

They warn photos and information you post now could be found and used against you later, even years down the road.

Those who didn’t participate are now glad they missed out.

“It’s one reason why I don’t really post a lot on Facebook anyways.”

“I was going to actually, and then I saw that post about it. I was just late in getting to the game to do that,” said Dryden.

It’s a game the Better Business Bureau wants to be over.