Beachfront mansion with suspected mob ties for sale in Sarasota Co.

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If you have $8.7-million handy, you can buy a beachfront mansion with quite a history -- including mob boss John Gotti, Sr. and Frank Sinatra. 

The compound on Casey Key Road in Sarasota County has lots of living space -- around 9,000 square feet, but the stories held in those walls are potentially infinite.

One such story comes from court records, where prosecutors say the home once belonged to one of the most notorious hit men in the history of the New York mob, Joseph "Joe The German" Watts. 

"Joe Watts was one of the most significant Mafia figures in New York City," explained Scott Deitche, who has written several books on the Mafia. "He wasn't Italian, so he couldn't be made, but he rose up through the ranks of the Gambino family and became one of John Gotti's most trusted confidants."

Deitche says when Frank Sinatra supposedly snubbed Gotti, Joe the German delivered a message.

"Joe Watts allegedly told Frank Sinatra and his friend, Jilly Rizzo, that if he ever refused Gotti again, he would be the last face he ever saw," said Deitche.

On paper, Watts didn't own the Casey Key mansion, but prosecutors said there's do doubt during the '80s and '90s it was his. Court records show Watts was also accused of filtering $2-million in loan-sharking profits from New York into building additions on the mansion.

In all, there are nine bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. FOX 13's Lloyd Sowers asked a tourist if its history would prevent her from buying it -- if she had the money.

"That would be a little concerning," she said, "But hey, it's Casey Key. We love it."

And by all accounts, so did Joe the German, the most dangerous man in the mob, who found his piece of paradise. Unfortunately for Watts, he's in prison for a murder conspiracy conviction.