Batman Day: On Sept. 16, the world celebrates Gotham's 'Dark Knight'

Do you want to get nuts? Let's get nuts, on Batman Day, this Saturday. 

That's right. DC Comics has designated the third Saturday in September as Batman Day. 

On Sept. 16, fans of the Caped Crusader will gather everywhere to honor their favorite masked vigilante. 

And if you can't find Batman, don't worry, DC Comics will bring him to you. All day, fans will be treated to a selection of content available on various platforms including MAX and YouTube. 

"On September 16, fans around the world will gather for Batman Day, celebrating their love of DC’s hallmark Super Hero, one of the most enduring characters in popular culture. To commemorate this annual tradition, DC and Warner Bros. Discovery are preparing an incredible selection of content and activities to make Batman Day 2023 an incredible experience worldwide!" DC wrote in a press release. 

DC comics first unveiled Batman in 1939 when the first Batman story, "The Case of the Chemical Syndicate," was written by iconic comic writer Bill Finger and drawn by then-gag cartoonist Bob Kane. 

The story was published in "Detective Comics #27," hitting newsstands on March 30, 1939. 

It wasn't until six months after the hero's debut in "Detective Comics #33" that fans were introduced to his tragic origin story in which a mugger had gunned down Bruce Wayne's parents. 

Since then, the character has gone through dozens of iterations with many actors playing the character in what many consider a rite of passage for Hollywood alumni.