Baby born in front of fire station

An Orlando couple has a new member of their family, after mom delivered in front of the Fire Station on Curry Ford Road.

Three-year-old Ellie her her younger brother, Noah, now have a little brother who made a grand entrance into the world.. 

"She got about two steps out of the car and had the baby at the fire station," says grandmother Connie Mackey.

Not inside, but outside the station.

We talked to proud parents, Candace and Zack Howes, about the delivery.

"It was definitely, 'Let's go get some first responders, because Daddy's not going to do this!'" Zack says.

Candace adds, "I was pushing in the car, I got out of the car, and baby was crowning at that point and came out within a minute of me getting out of the car."

It all happened right on the driveway. Candace was wearing pants.

"Had to strip down really quick. Luckily, it was in the middle of the night, because it was at a major intersection."

The Fire Chief arrived just in time and caught the baby as he came out. As for the newborn, little Micah is as healthy as can be.

"He's doing great! He's eating and sleeping and doing awesome!"

They have a message for the chief.

"Glad you were there and thank you for catching my boy! We're grateful that you were there to help us out. Thank you!" 

The baby was actually born on Candace's birthday.  The family is relieved, because his due date was on April Fool's Day.