Authorities say pit bulls killed pet cat

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Two dogs were on the loose and hunting a cat in Deltona Sunday afternoon, when the cat was dragged from the family garage and killed.

This isn’t the first time these dogs have escaped their home, authorities say, and now the city may make sure it’s their last.  The dogs are now being held at the Halifax Humane Society, quarantined and under investigation as possible dangerous dogs.

Their attack was caught on home surveillance cameras.  The moments before the attack begins, two dogs -- a pit bull and a shepherd pit bull mix -- are walking down the street, before they enter Laurie Dombek’s garage. She was mowing the lawn and left the garage door open with her cat, Buttons, inside. 

“I come in to cool off and I could see right through the window, that they each had one half of him,” says Dombek.

She says the dogs had gotten to Buttons and dragged him outside. She immediately ran out to save the cat.

“I didn't care. I just ripped them off of him and tried to get him in the garage but it was too late,” said Dombek.

Buttons was already dead. Her surveillance cameras recorded all of this. The dogs continued to hover around the driveway, until Dombek’s son shooed them away with a rake.

“He was a sweet cat. He was a sweet cat. He never did nobody any harm.”

Deltona Animal Control says this is not the first time these dogs have gotten loose in the neighborhood. Animal Control says they got out twice in March. The first time, the owners got a warning. The second time, they were fined. Now, the dogs face the ultimate penalty. If they’re deemed dangerous, they’ll be euthanized.

Despite everything, Dombek doesn’t want anyone else – dog or human – to suffer anymore.

“Let’s take care of them and see why they're behaving that way. Can't bring mine back and I don't want anybody else's heart to hurt like mine.”

Animal Control says two other cats were found dead in the neighborhood Sunday. They believe the dogs were responsible but no one saw it, so they can’t say for sure. The dogs will be quarantined for ten days as animal control investigates.