Arrest in Daytona Beach double-homicide

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Daytona Beach police and stunned witnesses swarmed the apartment where they say 19-year-olds Treay Ingraham and Jordan Paden were shot to death.

Police arrested Damon Kemp. He's charged with two counts of second-degree murder. Police say Kemp is being held at the Volusia County Branch Jail on an unrelated incident.

Through an investigation on that initial incident, which was an armed burglary, police say they were led to the bodies of Ingraham and Paden on Friday night.

Neighbors say they heard what happened. “Very loud pops - bang, bang, bang - very loud procession,” said neighbor Kristyn Goetz. “It woke us up. It was the loudest noise I've ever heard.”

The victims' family and friends were left devastated, especially at the boxing gym, where Ingraham trained. 

At Hagler's Gym, everybody knew Ingraham as 'Ace.' They said he was a promising young fighter who had the potential to be much more. “A young and inspiring fighter, someone I thought definitely had all the tools to become a world champion,” said Glenn Hagler, Sr., who owns the gym.

The victims’ friends were left stunned by the senseless loss of life.  “It's tough, I got you, bro,” said Jeremiah Baxter through tears. “I know you're looking down, I know. I used to always talk to him. He was like a brother.”

Police said they're doing everything they can to close this case. “I feel very comfortable that we'll get justice for the families of the victims,” Chief Capri said. “This is a tragedy, and my main focus is on those victims.”