Apple to hold virtual event showcasing company's newest products

Apple will hold a virtual event on Tuesday, showcasing some of the company's newest products and services.

The theme this year is "Time Flies," but the company is, as usual, staying tight-lipped about what to expect.

The iPhone 11 was launched during last year’s event so a big question is if we’ll see the unveiling of the iPhone 12?

Tech analysts tell Reuters they don’t expect the iPhone 12 to be revealed.

Covid caused a delay in the usual iPhone launch timeline so they say the iPhone 12 will likely be introduced in a separate event possibly later in the fall - it could be timed to hit shelves right before the holidays.

We’re still expecting to see some new and exciting products though.

Reuters says there’s a possibility for new versions of the apple watch and iPad. We could also hear about updated software releases.

The event is much different than in previous years because of COVID precautions.

Instead of the typical launch with hundreds of people at the company’s Cupertino campus - the event will be live-streamed starting at 10 a.m.