Amazon pulls Nazi-themed show ads from subways

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NEW YORK (FOX5NY) After a backlash, controversial ads in the New York City subway that promoted a new show have been pulled.  The interior of subway cars were wrapped with Nazi and Imperial Japanese symbols.

The ads promoted Amazon's new series "The Man in the High Castle," which is set in an alternate world where Germany and Japan won World War II.

Mayor Bill de Blasio was among those speaking out against the ads, saying they were "irresponsible and offensive" to survivors of the war and the Holocaust.

Kevin Ortiz, a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Transit Authority, told FOX411 the agency had received one complaint about the ads as of Tuesday morning.

“The ads do not violate our content-neutral ad standards ‎and thus we have no grounds to reject them,” he said via email.

But on Wednesday, officials confirmed that Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered the images be removed.