Amazon guy wins 'Best Delivery Man Ever' Award

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"Please hide packages from Husband!"  That's the hilarious message on Vanessa O'Shea's doormat at her home in Haslet, Texas.  Vanessa may be a diehard online shopper, but she doesn't want her hubby to know!

When the Amazon delivery man caught sight of that little doormat message, he was prompt about taking action and hiding the package in hopes that her husband would not catch on to his wife's online purchases. 


O'Shea posted the funny moment on Facebook saying, "Shoutout to #amazon for always being loyal and hiding my packagesl! 😂" 

When we contacted Vanessa about the unforgettable Amazon moment, she said, "My husband and I were at dinner when he got the notification that someone was at our front door.😂 At least he tried!"

The doormat may not have worked, but it was certainly a funny moment.