Allentown boy crawls into claw machine, gets stuck

A 2-year-old boy from Allentown crawled into a claw machine and got stuck.

It only took a matter of seconds and just like that he was gone. A parent’s nightmare being played out on security footage inside the Papa’s Maytag Laundromat in Allentown. Watch as the 2-year-old boy climbs into the prize door of the arcade claw machine called 'Moonlight Catch'.

It happened inside the laundromat's playground area. Mom was just feet away folding clothes when 2 year-old Josiah Cruz walked past his older brother when something caught little Josiah’s eye. He wanted to go find Nemo and he was determined.

"There is a plastic door down there he opened it up, climbed in and the door shut behind him," Captain John Christopher said.

As the boy's mothers and fellow customers tried the free the boy, Allentown police and firefighters arrive to the scene moments later.

For 17 minutes heart-stopping minutes the boy was trapped inside. Finally, paramedics were able to bust open the prize doorfree the boy right into his mothers arms. He wasn’t hurt and was laughing minutes later. The heroes that saved the boy say it’s just part of the job.

“There’s no injuries, no loss of life. You know that’s that’s when it feels good," Christopher said.

The claw machine is currently out of service. The owner of the  laundromat says he will be sure to give the little boy his prize.