Aggressive hawks terrorizing Orlando neighborhood

A couple living in the Orange Tree subdivision of Orlando are warning neighbors to be careful after being attacked by several aggressive hawks.

"We have about five aggressive hawks living in the oak tree in the front of the house," says Leslie Hanft.  

They say they've been attacked while walking outside.

Mark says,"I thought a tree branch hit me and then I realized out of the corner of my eye. I saw the hawk fly away."

Pictures show blood dripping down Mark's head.

"When I got home I actually saw the paw print on my head and that happened several times in the last year. And I know several people it's happened to."

Florida wildlife officers say they sometimes receive complaints about hawk attacks, but because the birds are considered endangered, there's nothing that can be done. Leslie says  the problem's been around for the last year, but it's gotten worse in the last week. She discovered that, as she walked her dog.

"About 12 pounds, very light weight and they swooped down to try to get her a couple of times, so it's very frighting to not even use your backyard at this point."

Leslie thinks the hawks are looking for food in her tree. They're warning neighbors to be on alert especially if they have young children or pets.

"Just be careful, just be careful," she says.

Mark agrees, "You just gotta be aware of your surroundings and you can see them."

They say they are thinking about having their tree removed to get rid of the hawks. But they say they're still located in other areas of the neighborhood.