Add some ‘magic’ to your campfire with these new color-changing marshmallows

Image: Jet-Puffed from Kraft Heinz

A new treat on grocery store shelves is promising to heat up your s’mores game this campfire season.

Jet-Puffed has launched the first-of-its-kind marshmallows that change color as you heat them up.

The marshmallows will bring a fun "pop of color" to your family’s s’mores and other summer treats.


Image: Jet-Puffed from Kraft Heinz

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The marshmallows still include their staple technology that causes them to fluff up – or "puff" – as they’re roasting, and now also include a secret color changing ingredient.

The marshmallows will come in two color changing varieties per pack – pink to orange and blue to green.

Starting approximately 10 seconds after heat activation, the blue marshmallow will turn green and the pink marshmallow will turn orange.


Image: Jet-Puffed from Kraft Heinz

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The bags are available for $2.99 in grocery stores nationwide through September – the end of s’mores season.

This story was reported from Detroit.