AC companies expect rush with rising temperatures coupled with stay-at-home order

With a stay-at-home order and hot temperatures this weekend, air conditioning companies are preparing for a rush and dealing with the Coronavirus.

Service techs at Four Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating get a good grip on COVID-19. They say a mask is a must for anyone making a house call.

"It’s a little nerve racking just because we’re in contact with people. We don’t know where they’ve been," says Dan Demarta, of Four Seasons. "It’s going to be busy. Hot weather. Regardless of coronavirus, hot weather, people break down we have to be there for these folks."

He says technicians will ask customers to step onto the patio if they’re concerned about coronavirus.

"We do practice social distancing."

They’ll also have customers stay by the thermostat as they repair a system outside, so they don’t have to go in, if they don’t have to.

"I’ve had customers hold off on installation of new equipment until a couple of weeks just to see how things pan out."

And at the end of each visit before leaving.

"I’ll go behind me and wipe door knobs and so on just to be as safe as possible."