'Abracadabra!': Mother thanks delivery driver for fulfilling son's hilarious request

A Delaware mother wants to recognize a delivery driver for her great sense of humor and commitment to fulfilling customer requests -- no matter how silly. 

Lynn Staffieri's Nest camera captured the hilarious moment when an Amazon delivery driver went above and beyond to make sure her son's "additional instructions" were met. 

As the driver was delivering a package, a prompt asked "Do we need additional instructions to find this address?”

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Staffieri's son wrote: “No but knock on the door 3 times and scream abra cadabra as loud as you can and run super fast away.” 

The delivery driver did as he wished.

"Thank you to this great Amazon delivery woman!" Staffieri wrote on Facebook. "It made us smile even though my son should not have done that so I apologize for that. I do appreciate that the driver looked closely enough at the instructions though because I know a lot of people wouldn't." 

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The video has gone viral with thousands of shares. Now, Staffieri hopes the woman sees it to know just how much she is appreciated. 

"Please share this! I would love to have this woman appreciated by as many people as possible!"