Abaco Island residents describe desperation, killing over bread in the aftermath of Dorian

Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas last week as a catastrophic Category 5 storm, destroying thousands of homes and taking at least 44 lives (officials are still counting). 

Fox 35's Ryan Elijah visited the Bahamas over the weekend to see the devastation and ongoing relief efforts. He spoke to several Abaco Island residents who recalled horrific tales, such as multiple bodies still in the water and a person being killed over bread.

"The water is contaminated and you're not getting water. You still have multiple bodies in the water. A lot of people died in their homes and they couldn't swim because the water is so high. People are killing you right now for water and bread. My friend got killed last night over water and bread," Abaco Island resident Steven Dottin said.

"I always had faith in my government, but they really let us down on this one. The things that I have seen just shows the lack of respect and care for human life at this time," said Jim Loftin, an Abaco Island resident.

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Many are trying to leave Abaco Island following the hurricane. Some evacuees from the island endured a crammed seven-hour ferry ride with no food, but they are thankful they are alive.

"We lost everything but we thank God because we are still alive. Me and my family, we are good," Abaco Island resident Renaldson Zilamy told Fox 35.