'A miracle': Parents of baby saved on Spirit flight to Orlando grateful to nurse who helped

The parents of baby Anjale, the baby who suddenly stopped breathing on their flight to Orlando last week and was revived by a nurse onboard, said their 3-month-old girl is doing fine, despite a terrifying few moments.

They spoke exclusively to FOX 35 meteorologist Ian Cassette, who was also on that flight from Pittsburgh to Orlando.

Alyssa McFall and husband, Devin, told Ian that they were headed to Orlando for a trip to Walt Disney World. Not long into the flight. she noticed baby Anjale's lips turning blue.

"That’s when I screamed for help," she said. 

Miraculously, Tamara Panzino, a nurse, and an OB-GYN doctor on board, jumped into action after the flight crew put out an urgent call for help.

"When you have to step forward and do what is right, you do it," she told FOX 35 last week. "It’s just a happy story and it made me feel really good."

The McFall's believe everyone has a purpose on that evening flight.

"It’s just a miracle that those certain people were on the plane to take care of such a horrible situation," said Devin. "It was meant to be that they were there."

"I was extremely nervous, but I had this overwhelming sense of calm come over me that everything is going to be okay," said Alyssa.

After returning home, Alyssa and Devin took baby Anjale to the doctor. Though it's still not known what caused the in-flight emergency, both parents report no other issues.

And to nurse Tamara, they're forever grateful.

"My heart completely goes out to Tamara and I could never thank her enough for being so caring."

Spirit Airlines said it is working to coordinate a reunion between Alyssa and Devin, and Tamara, who has not become the family's mid-flight hero.