93-year-old woman dies of broken heart syndrome after being robbed

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Authorities say a 93-year-old woman in England who was burglarized died of a broken heart.

According to Northamptonshire Police, Betty Munroe passed away on Aug. 21. They said burglars broke into her home on June 11.

"Three males forced entry into her house via the back door by using a pair of garden shears," police states on Facebook. "Once inside, they confronted Betty and told her they were police officers."

The three robbers reportedly stole Betty's jewlery, including her late husband's watch, her purse, bank cards, and gold chain that was around her neck. They ransacked her home before fleeing.

"Betty's health deteriorated very quickly after the incident, and she was diagnosed with PTSD following repeated nightmares, trouble sleeping, being sick and being unable to stop shaking."

She was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with Takotsubo Syndrome, also known as broken heart syndrome. She passed away on Wednesday.

"This is one of the saddest cases I have come across during my career and a stark reminder of how deeply a burglary can affect a victim," said Detective Inspector Simon Barnes of Northampton CID.

Betty was reportedly in good health before she was the victim of a home invasion "but she deteriorated very quickly after it and sadly died in her care home this week, surrounded by her family."

Her family released a statement:

Statement from Betty's family:

"The distressing circumstances of our lovely mum's death have caused us so much sorrow. Before the burglary she was happy and living independently in her home of 56 years. The violent actions of these callous individuals robbed her not only of precious possessions, but of her sense of security and peace and the will to go on. All the generations of our family who owe her so much are bereft at her death."

Police are still searching for the suspects.

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