8-year-old boy takes first steps after brain tumor surgery

An eight-year-old Massachusetts boy took his first steps after surgery on April 28, after doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital removed his brain tumor.

The boy’s mother wrote to Storyful that her son, Justin Sullivan, was admitted to the ER on April 15 after having difficulties standing. Doctors found two tumors in his spine and transferred him to Boston Children’s Hospital, where they found an additional tumor in his cerebellum.

Justin’s mother, Jessica Sullivan, wrote to Storyful that Justin “underwent about a 12-hour surgery to get rid of as much of the tumor as possible … the surgeon was able to remove about 90% of it, but some was too deep and too involved in his brain stem.”

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Footage posted on Jessica’s Facebook page shows Justin taking his first steps after the surgery, aided by nurses and supportive comments from his mother.

Jessica said in the post that during his first walk, doctors “put on some Drake and Future per Justin’s request.”