7 Florida cities among the top 'allergy capitals' of US in 2023

If you are a Floridian who suffers from allergies, you might want to have your allergy medication on hand in these cities. 

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation released its annual Allergy Capitals report for 2023 on Wednesday and identifies the most challenging places for pollen allergies in the 100 most populated cities in the continental U.S., and seven cities across the Sunshine State made the top 20.

The top 20 cities were ranked based on tree, grass and weed pollen scores, over-the-counter allergy medication use and the availability of board-certified allergists and immunologists.

Below is how those Florida cities ranked on the list:

6. Sarasota, Florida

7. Cape Coral, Florida

8. Orlando, Florida

14. Miami, Florida

15. Lakeland, Florida

17. Palm Bay, Florida

18. Tampa, Florida

In the No.1 spot this year was Wichita, Kansas. Health officials said it is due to its high tree and grass pollen score, a higher-than-average allergy medication use and the limited number of allergy or immunology specialists per patient.

To view the full 100-city ranking, visit the AAFA's website.

Pollen exposure triggers various allergic reactions, including sneezing, runny nose, congestion, or even hay fever. To protect yourself against pollen, officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say:

  • Check pollen forecasts on local news and online sources and plan to spend less time outdoors when pollen levels will be high.
  • Take your allergy and/or asthma medications as prescribed by your health care provider.
  • Don’t touch your eyes while you are outside, and wash your hands when you go back inside (before you touch your eyes).
  • Shower after being outside to remove pollen from your skin and hair.
  • Change your clothes after being outdoors.
  • Keep windows closed during pollen season.
  • Use high-efficiency filters in your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Make sure your HVAC system can use high-efficiency filters and that they don’t violate the system’s warranty.

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