Summer Savings: Six tips to save money on your next summer vacation

Summer vacations are high on the list for many people. Between expensive gas and flight prices – many of you are looking for some travel savings. 

We want to help you plan your vacation and save a few dollars. It's part of our new weekly "Summer Savings" segment on FOX 35's Good Day Orlando.

One local travel agent said she’s seeing the most savings in two areas: 

  • International Travel
  • Cruises

International Travel:

Effie Walthall has owned On Deck Travel for 30 years. She says airfare to Europe runs on average $1,200 to $1,500 per person, but this year she’s seeing prices between $900-$1,000 per person. 

"Definitely savings there. Hotels aren’t completely booked. Italy is tough because some hotel accommodations are hard to find, but not impossible," Walthall said. 

Walthall says these are areas away from the Russia + Ukraine conflict. 


Walthall says larger family suites are a little harder to find, but you’ll likely see cheaper prices as you’re scrolling looking for accommodations. 

She typically sees prices between $1,500 - $1,600 per person for balcony rooms for longer trips. She’s seeing deals in the $900 - $1,200 per person price range. 

Walthall says some 3-day trips are as low as $95. 

"When I tell you it’s crazy. I’ve never seen it. Three-night cruise to Bimini in July for $95 per person," said Walthall, "I know, inside cabin, but it’s true!"

Expedia Travel Hacks:

Travel company Expedia also released its 2022 travel hacks to save money that include savings on the cheapest day to travel, and hotel savings. 

  • Domestic trips could be 15% cheaper if you leave on Monday vs. Friday.
  • International trips could be about 5% cheaper if you leave Thursday vs. Tuesday.
  • Switching from a 4-star hotel to a 3-star hotel could save you around 30%.

FOX 35 also checked into reports that you could save money on tickets if you buy at the airport. 

For example, Allegiant has an electronic carrier usage charge which is about $18 per person – per segment of the trip. According to the website, this is charged if you buy your ticket on the website or through the call center. 

Another option is to buy your ticket directly at the airport.  To view the list of times you can buy a ticket at the airport, visit